Prevent radicalisation among young people in Europe

Implementation through the construction and field validation of tools

Implement the EU Youth Strategy’s objective of preventing the factors that can lead to young people’s social exclusion and radicalisation

International Conference
Preventing Radicalisation and Social Exclusion from the bottom up: Young People’s Voices

22 January 2018 | Department of Law – University of Modena  and Reggio Emilia |Via San Geminiano 3, Modena
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Modena, Italy - January the 22nd 2018 “THE PREVENTION OF RADICALISATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE” Preventing Radicalisation and Social Exclusion from the bottom up: Young People’s Voices

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Young, Marginalised but not Radicalised: new prevent research launched

On the 22nd January 2018 at Modena University, Italy, the findings of the EU funded Youth Empowerment and Prevention Project (YEIP) will be launched, revealing new directions in preventing youth radicalisation.

Radicalization in Portugal: a brief reflection

Through the realization of a study on the national state-of-art on radicalization among young people, Inova+, as Portuguese researcher of the YEIP, led a reflection on the importance of the phenomenon in the country.

Young people look up to other young people

YEIP Sweden is now preparing for work package 2, which will be conducted primarily in the school environment. Supported by its international partners and organizers, as well as by local collaborators.

Genova: YEIP research report

“On November the 9th the Italian YEIP research report was presented in Genova, during an event organized by Liguria Region in Italy. Maria Certo from the Regional Administration introduced the event, while Licia Boccaletti and Manuela Tagliani from ANS presented the project and the research report.


The Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) is pleased to publish its first output through this Bibliography in six different languages. The Bibliography forms part of YEIP’s first step in unravelling and understanding the current state of the art in youth radicalisation and positive approaches in Europe.

The IARS International Institute: YEIP roundtable in London

On the 13th of December IARS is hosting a roundtable event to discuss the Youth Innovation and Empowerment Project (YEIP). YEIP aims to design a positive policy prevention framework for tackling and preventing marginalisation and violent radicalisation among young people in Europe.